BIOFIT Technology & Services was founded in 1999 as a technical engineering business with providing technical services in medical rehabilitation, sport medicine, industry applications. 

By 2004, BIOFIT has expanded to continue to  provide professionals in the world of medical rehabilitation, sports training & researches, biomechanics, mechatronics, aerospace industries with state of the art measuring products for acquiring highly accurate kinematics and kinetics data.

Authorized Distributor

We are proud to be the official distributor for many reputable manufacturers around the world for the South East Asia region in the applications of medical rehabilitation, sports sciences and ergonomics, robotics industries.


State of the Art

Our manufacturers uses the most modern technologies and advance equipment available Our manufacturer regularly updates new innovations and firmwares, and we take great pride in our trade.


All equipments purchase through us come with a standard one year warranty support, technical online and onsite servicing maintenance and training. Additional support and operational training are conducted whenever needs arises.



We specialize in gait analysis equipment, balance assessment and training, ergonomics, athletic perfromance and industrial applications in various environments including underwater, high altitude, outdoor and indoor setups.

About Us

Sales and Services

What We Offer

Products based on inertia, optical and video technologies , physiological monitors and sensors, force and pressure platform systems for static and dynamic movement analysis  in research settings. We also offers consultancy and training services. Existing customers include individuals in need for off-the-shelf products and also companies in seeking custom-made solutions.