Biometrics Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of data acquisition sensors, instruments and software used in the markets of medical research, rehabilitation, ergonomics and sports science for movement analysis.

Data Acquisition

Biometrics Ltd range of Data Acquisition Systems collect both analogue and digital data from a wide range of sensors and are available in laboratory and portable configurations. Specific systems include precision interfaces and sensors for Data Acquisition of movement analysis and state-of-the-art Surface EMG. Interfaces may be connected to the computer via a wireless Bluetooth adapter or USB lead.

A key benefit of Biometrics Ltd systems is that they are designed to readily interface to most video based motion capture systems and other data acquisition interfaces. This allows for Surface EMG and goniometry data to be synchronised and simultaneously collected.

DataLITE - Total Freedom of Movement
New DataLITE sensors are completely wireless allowing total freedom of movement.
Precise measurements include real-time joint angular movement, EMG analysis and many other associated physiological measurements.

The comprehensive range of Biometrics' electrogoniometers and torsiometers are ideal for quick, simple, and accurate measurement of joint movement in multiple planes. Extremely robust, lightweight and flexible, the sensors can be comfortably worn undetected under clothing, without hindering the actual movement of the joint.