Validated biomechanics markersets
Motive supports numerous biomechanics markersets, with a focus on

scientific and anatomically-valid options. Whether your analysis takes

place in Visual3D, The MotionMonitor, MATLAB, or another third-party

tool, these markersets provide a robust marker tracking and auto-labeller.
Prefer a more detailed markerset for multi-segment studies? Motive’s standard markersets can be augmented with additional markers for capturing more verbose datasets.

Incredible range
OptiTrack cameras offer the best range in the industry, by huge margins. The long-range specialist PrimeX41 is able to see a 16 mm passive marker from over 100’ away.

Discrete IR illumination
In addition to offering invisible illumination that is far gentler on subjects than visible red strobes, the Prime Series’ infrared LEDs offer faster discharge for quick exposures—perfect for capturing very fast motions.

Setup is easy
An OptiTrack pipeline is straightforward, offering several unique features that combine to reduce system setup time by up to 75%. Aim Assist, auto-masking, versatile hardware and the industry's longest range cameras make even large systems easy to setup with just one person.

One-click subject calibration
Calibrate new skeletons in an instant, with a single button click, for subject setup that is unprecedented in its speed and simplicity.

Wall-to-wall tracking

Our specially-designed lenses offer wide FOV and low distortion. Each lens is specifically fitted to the camera’s image sensor, for true edge-to-edge coverage that is ideal for tracking every inch of compact areas like gait labs.

Exceptional 3D precision and accuracy
Motive combines with our PrimeX Series cameras and Micron Series calibration tools to produce the most reliable 3D data on the market, capable of sub-20 µm accuracy in optimal conditions.

Kinematic labeling
Motive’s real-time labeling engine utilizes

a clear understanding of a subject’s unique

skeletal structure to deliver highly accurate labels,

even during occlusive interactions between limbs or other

subjects in the lab. When additional labeling is needed, 

industry-standard naming conventions

offer biomechanists a simple, familiar

labeling workflow.

PrimeX41                          PrimeX22                       Flex13                 Flex3              PrimeX13              Slim13               Prime Color FS                                  

Outdoor capture, out of the box
Featuring ultra-powerful strobes and custom-engineered band-pass filters, Prime Series cameras can track reflective markers

outside, in full sunlight—with no need for special add-ons or hardware modifications.

Optitrack for Movement Sciences

OptiTrack offers a blend of performance and usability that produces high-precision,biomechanically-relevant motion capture data via workflows that are unprecedented in their simplicity.

Native support for force plates, EMGs, and analog signal display and acquisition enables ready access to analysis in Visual3D, The MotionMonitor, MATLAB, or other third party biomechanics packages.