STT’s IMUs (STT-IWS) and iSen are specially adequate for outdoor sessions (where fixed installations are not possible) or in those cases where occlusions are a problem. STT provides a wide range of solutions for data acquisition and analysis, from all-in software packages with 3D real-time rendering and biomechanical analysis, to synchronization with additional devices (EMG, force and pressure platforms) and a low-level SDK for integration into your own capture application.

Podia is a fast, accurate and easy-to-use foot scanner. Using multiple points of views, it allows generating a full 3D reconstruction of the foot of the patient, and also performing measurements on it. Both scanner and software have been fully developed by STT.

The Bertec Balance Advantage

New balance technology are being met with: immersive virtual reality, highly sensitive dual force plates, light weight low profile design, separate operator and patient screens, touchscreen capabilities, intuitive software navigation, versatile portability options, and a modular protocol inventory.

​​Bertec Balance Advantage – Dynamic CDP

Combines immersive virtual reality with highly sensitive dynamic force plate capabilities. Replicating a visual environment in an immersive setting enhances assessment and training, providing a valuable rehabilitation resource leading to improved outcomes.


OptiTrack Motion Capture Systems
The largest provider of optical motion capture technology, offering tracking for applications ranging from film and games to sports training and biomechanics.

Specialize in providing control solutions using optical tracking technology.

OptiTrack for Biomechanics
OptiTrack offers a blend of performance and usability that produces high-precision,biomechanically-relevant motion capture data via workflows that are unprecedented in their simplicity.

Native support for force plates, EMGs, and analog signal display and acquisition enables ready access to analysis in Visual3D, The MotionMonitor, MATLAB, or other third party biomechanics packages. 

Biometrics Ltd range of Data Acquisition Systems collect both analogue and digital data from a wide range of sensors and are available in laboratory and portable configurations. Precision instrumentation and sensors for Data Acquisition of movement analysis and state-of-the-art Surface EMG. Instrumentation may be connected to the computer via a wireless Bluetooth adapter or USB lead.

The DataLOG MWX8 is the latest in data acquisition technology developed to meet the needs of researchers for portable data collection and monitoring in human performance, sports science, medical research, industrial ergonomics, gait laboratories, and educational settings.

DataLITE - Total Freedom of Movement, New DataLITE sensors are completely wireless allowing total freedom of movement.
Precise measurements include real-time joint angular movement, EMG analysis and moany other associated physiological measurements.

DataLINK is an on-line general purpose subject worn programmable Data Acquisition System allowing the user to collect both analog and digital data from a wide range of sensors including Biometrics' Goniometers, Torsiometers, active EMG sensors, Accelerometers, Pinchmeters, Hand Dynamometers and Contact Switches.​ (

An international leader in force measurement technology for biomechanics, Bertec Corporation began offering multi-component load transducers in 1987. We specialize in gait analysis equipment, balance assessment and training, ergonomics, athletic performance, and industrial applications for specialized load cells/transducers.

Bertec’s Fully Instrumented Treadmills, Force Plates, Balance Plates, Force Bar with integrated software capture and deliver precise data. 

Bertec’s Biametric products provide a clear, functional interpretation of physical performance data so coaches and trainers can tailor training for peak athletic performance.

The Biametrics Sports Plate is a force plate that reveals the amount and speed of force produced in three different directions. By tailoring training to optimize the balance between speed and time, athletes can produce his or her peak power performance.

The Biametrics Force Bar measures forces exerted by the arms or hands and has wide application for many sports including ski jumping, baseball, tennis, golf, and gymnastics.

The Biametrics Treadmill is fully-instrumented to precisely measured all force and moment components involved in locomotion.

Researchers and clinicians in gait labs all over the world have trusted Bertec to provide accurate force measuring equipment and software. (

RSscan International provides professional yet affordable solutions for accurate dynamic pressure measurements for biomechanical research labs, clinics, sports and leisure footwear shops and many more applications. 

RSscan International is dedicated to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for all these fields and has a proven track record, backed by top notch specifications, patented technology, thousands of footscan® product users worldwide, published PhD studies, research papers, magazine articles and books on biomechanics. (

EyeGuide's Focus offers the fastest, most accurate, versatile, and cost-efficient concussion testing solution to date. This precision eye tracking equipment evaluates what neurophysiologists know as "smooth pursuit". The same science informs roadside sobriety tests, sideline “follow-the-pen” tests, and a variety of other tests related to smooth pursuit deficient neurological conditions. ​(

Mobility Lab makes it easy to collect, analyze, and store data. Attach sensors to your subject, and instruct them to perform a standardized test. A report is then automatically generated to compare against normative values. This process takes less than five minutes.

APDM wearable sensors are ideal for quantifying human movement for movement disorder research and general wellness use involving mobility. The Mobility Lab system is used worldwide for gait and balance analysis in hundreds of settings.


STT's CLIMA and EDDO offer sub-milimetric marker tracking, low occlusion rate within capture volume and a wide range of real-time data. Additionally, both systems can be synchronized with a variety of third party systems. Altogether provide a high amount of related data for your biomechanical research. (

Mobility Lab makes it easy to collect, analyze, and store data. Attach sensors to your subject, and instruct them to perform a standardized test. A report is then automatically generated to compare against normative values. This process takes less than five minutes. (