RSscan International welcomes you and invites you to explore the interesting world of plantar pressure and analysing. Many exciting applications are possible, such as  in biomechanical research labs, clinics, sports and leisure footwear shops, industrial and many more applications.

RSscan International is dedicated to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for all these fields and has a proven track record, backed by top notch specifications, patented technology, thousands of footscan® product users worldwide, published PhD studies, research papers, magazine articles and books on biomechanics. We offer three ranges of footscan® plantar pressure measurement products to choose from, depending on your requirements and budget.

2D analysis
Foot movement analysis during walking or running is made easy. 
The high speed measurement and high sensor resolution offer a detailed view on the pressure distribution and foot movement. The movement can be played frame by frame, helping you to bring into view even the littlest of abnormalities during roll off, and/or asymmetrical movements.

3D analysis
Peak pressures during the foot roll off are magnifically shown in the footscan 3D view.
The view can be rotated 360° for detailed analysis and will be your guide to explain the foot movement to your customers and patients.

Client database
Thousands of clients, millions of foot steps can be stored and consulted in the footscan database.
It's a solid structure which is compatible with third party database programs.
It only takes a second to look for a specific client or measurement.

Compare measurements
Compare measurements from one patient or between patients. 
Look directly at the influence of shoes and orthotics on the foot movement.
No need for an insole pressure measurement nor a camera device,
the footscan system shows all the details of foot movement!

A large number of gait reports can be printed directly from the software.
Custom made reports save you a lot of time in finding the ideal solution for your client.