iSen is a powerful hardware & software solution for capturing objective 3D motion data. Using between 1 and 17 sensors, clinicians, coaches, trainers, and researchers can capture accurate 3D motion data in real-time.

The system uses STT’s inertial sensors that provide real-time orientations (angles) as well as angular velocities and accelerations. Advanced algorithms (Kalman filters) overcome the usual drift problems associated with inertial sensors. They communicate wirelessly using either through Wi-Fi (STT-IWS) or Bluetooth (STT-IBS) communication protocols, which means that they can easily transfer data to any Windows computer. An iSen system comprises a variable number of inertial sensors (IMU) and the software package to analyze the

Automatic foot measurements:

A set of standard measurements is included.
User-defined foot measurements:

Easily click-and-draw utility to add new measurements.
Fast scanning:

The full process (3D data acquisition, measurement, report generation) takes 1 minute.
Easily handle your scanned feet:

3D mesh can be exported to all standard formats.
High resolution and precision:

Cutting-edge technology and processing algorithms.
Patients database with multi-scan storage.

Podia is a simple yet powerful tool for 3D scanning and foot anthropometry. Its most popular applications include shoe design, studies on ergonomics, podiatry, orthopedics, statistical studies, etc.

Podia is a fast, accurate, portable and easy-to-use foot scanner. Using multiple points of views, the system allows generating a full 3D reconstruction of the foot up to 25cm high, exporting the 3D object performing measurements on it. Podia is delivered to the user calibrated and ready to use. All necessary accessories are included: cabling, calibration tool, footstools, handrail and light shields. Documentation and user manual are provided too.


CLIMA is a powerful software suite that is designed primarily for medical and biomechanical capture and analysis. CLIMA is completely automatic, enabling the performance of a complete biomechanical analysis of any kind of human movement, from gait analysis to 3D bike fitting.

CLIMA is made up of a standard computer and a variable number of optical IR cameras, the number of which depends on the requirements of the user (resolution, capture volume, etc.). CLIMA handles the motion-capture process in an efficient and user-friendly way, and is fully compatible with  a wide variety of peripheral devices, including force and pressure platforms, EMG-Systems, and much more. CLIMA also includes a friendly and intuitive interface to visualize and analyze the results. User can also generate customized reports. CLIMA is constantly evolving – with regular software updates at a price that is both reasonable and worthy of a professional 3D motion capture software.

EDDO is a portable optical motion capture system, designed to study specific parts of the human body (shoulder, knee, spine, etc.). The system comprises two high-resolution, high-speed digital cameras with built-in infrared LED lighting. The system operates with reflective markers as well as active LED markers. It is a valuable human motion analysis tool which may be applied in a wide variety of areas relating to medicine and ergonomics.